Airport Services (Antigua) Ltd.
    "Embracing Safety & Courtesy."
Ramp Services

The principal focus of our Ramp team is safety. It is the epitome of everything we do and to maintain consistently high standards, a thorough maintenance schedule is strictly adhered to.

On the ramp we facilitate aircraft loading and offloading, baggage sorting, mail and cargo services, aircraft marshalling and cabin cleaning. We also provide ground support equipment and lavatory and potable water services measured to international standards. Numerous investments have been made in equipment upgrades to ensure timely and efficient service.


In addition to spontaneous checks, each equipment is maintained in accordance with a service schedule which is strictly adhered to. There are three types of services done to each equipment; namely, a preventative, a special and a major service.

A preventative service is done every quarter and entails the checking of tires and passenger stairs, chipping and painting and checking of the battery water.

The special service involves an oil change, oil filter, fuel filter, tightening of suspensions and adjustment of fan belts.

In a major service there is a check of the hydraulic system and replacement of any worn or damaged parts.

Our list of equipment at ASA Ltd. include:
6 passenger stairs
2 airstart units
2 ground power units
2 high loader3 tug
1 lavatory truck
2 conveyor belts
1 potable water bowser
1 forklift
30 dollies
12 baggage carts

The aircraft types we currently handle include the A313, A319, B767 and B777. We are equipped to handle any type of aircraft.